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Top Notch Yard Care was built on two fundamental beliefs, that quality and reliability are the essence of superior service.

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Top Notch Yard Care was established in 2016, when Simon, at the age of 16 decided to expand his local neighbourhood lawn care business (known as Simon’s Yard Care) to provide service to commercial properties and residential neighbourhoods across Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Simon, owner and founder, showed his entrepreneurial skills at a young age. At 13, Simon acquired a few neighbourhood lawnmowers on Winnipeg’s “Free Day,” repaired them and cut neighbours’ lawns for free to test the lawnmowers. This marked the beginning of Simon’s Yard Care, a simple one man operation. He continued to grow his business, first by hiring his younger brothers, and then growing his team to help manage an increased volume of work.

While still a student in high school, in partnership with his father Jose, he successfully contracted his yard maintenance services for commercial properties. He apprenticed at ABC Power Tools, a reputable lawn and garden equipment company, which has helped him develop his customer service skills and maintain and repair his equipment.


He also obtained his Manitoba Arborist License in 2017, further offering his clients a wider range of services.

As a young entrepreneur, Simon recognizes that his success comes from his commitment to reliable service and quality work. His desire to grow this family owned and operated business to its full potential has more recently included expanding his services to include the winter season.

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Top Notch Featured in The Herald

On April 11, 2018, Top Notch Yard Care was featured in The Herald.  

From a pair of broken down lawn mowers, Simon Rosas-Leon has created a small empire. “I started off when I was 13 years old, and I found a few lawnmowers on Free Day,” explains Rosas-Leon. With a little help from his father, Rosas-Leon fixed up the lawnmowers and hit the streets.

“I was so happy that I’d fixed them that I pushed them around the neighbourhood, knocking on doors asking people if I could cut their grass for free,” said Rosas-Leon, who is now 19. “I probably did a few weeks of that before thinking, Hey, I could do this as a business.”